An inseparable part of everyday life were Indian intertribal fighting. They fought for hunting grounds, or simply for the prestige of the tribe. The more victories and so. beats included on the enemy, the greater glory of the warrior and for the entire nation. For this purpose, they used often bent at the end, covered with fur lances. The bravest warriors were among punches without any weapons. It was humiliating for the impacted, and for striking an act of great courage and cunning. Great Plains most frequently used weapons were stone axes and bows, and with the advent of the white man – firearms and metal tomahawks.

In addition to bows and axes, stone commonly used clubs and bone, and later of metal knives.

In Indian culture, the greatest appreciation enjoyed a warrior, able to steal enemies largest number of horses and showing courage on the battlefield. There were many opportunities, allowing for heroic deeds of war, since tribes fought among themselves. Sometimes they were a kind of tournaments, designed to demonstrate who is braver and not the case at all bloodshed. Often it ended the so-called. completion of touching or hitting the opponent. It was considered to be the greatest honor possible to achieve on the battlefield. Often, however, there have to bloody clashes, during which the men were killed, and women and children kidnapped and enrolled for the winning tribe.