In autumn 2003 Indian village was invited to Biskupin at the IX Archaeological Festival “Indian Summer”. During this prestigious event visited by over 90,000 visitors.

The biggest attraction for us was, of course, the opportunity to meet with invited guests from North America – the indigenous Indians. Poland visited:

Leon Rattler – one of the leaders of the Blackfeet tribe, the largest nation of the Great Plains. He is the director of Blackfeet Community College – college, which teaches the culture and language of the Blackfoot. Chaired the Association of tribal Crazy Dog.

Richard and Elsie Ground with his daughter Amarette – members of the Blackfeet tribe. The whole family is a product of traditional Indian items, like drums, painted ceramics, constructions tipi.

Todd Yellow Cloud – comes from the Lakota tribe, clan Crazy Horse. He is a teacher of traditional Indian art and culture at Oglala Lakota College. His specialty products are the spikes ig┼éozwierza.