Handicraft workshops

Indian handicraft workshops

In the Village of Indians, “Fort Hantajo” organize workshops Indian handicrafts.

Participants can perform:

dream catcher (dreamcatcher)
bracelet or necklace with beads,
picture on wood,
model tipi,
Indian braid the yarn.
The program lasts 3 and a half hours. Price: $ 35 / person (the price of handicraft workshops with a full basic program).

The basic program of workshops handicraft includes:

Handicraft workshops (adjusted for age):

younger children : template tipi + necklace with beads and Indian hanger

older children : amulet or dream catcher + necklace or bracelet with beads


exhibition of Indian costumes, weapons and everyday objects,
US Army fort gate,
Indian tipi,
Indian cemetery,
horse drag – travois- transfer device belongings by horses,
dog drag (as above)
war lodge (hut war)
Indian totems of the north west coast of the USA,
and the following games (adapted to the age of the participants):

throws a spear,
Agility game “transfer of rattlesnakes” NEW !!!
Agility game “Balance Beam warriors” NEW !!!
passage through a web NEW !!!
Indian obstacle course,
roll bison horns,
darts with feathers,
racing snakes,
Indian fishing.
learning Indian dance.
learn Indian songs
face painting,
Indian souvenir shop,
bonfire with roasting sausages imported by the participants.