Instrumentarium the Great Plains were the drums, rattles and flute, used to love songs.

There are many dances that performed the Indians. The dance recreated among others scenes from his life or animal life, so Indian dances like a rather spectacular show. So you can see eg. A dance depicting hunting buffalo. In the course of a dancer dressed as a buffalo symbolizes the gestures and movements of the animal’s behavior. The second dancer plays the role of a hunter-scouts. The rest of the dancers waiting for his return from scouting to finally play a hunting scene, killing the animal and peel off from his skin.
Another dance, a dance of war. In the course of his warriors – the dancers fight with axes and knives. In the background you can hear Indians singing and beating a drum, followed by a scene symbolic oskalpowania defeated and dance winners.

Today held an Indian dance festivals, called the pow-wow. The participants are there in several competitions, separate for men and women, including traditional dance, fancy dance, grass dance, jingle dress dance and others, as well as dancing for all, so. intertribal, or intertribal. In each category emerged winners, who receive rewards in the form of cash and commemorative scarves.