About village

Experience a real adventure in the Indian Village in authentic Borzychach !!!

Almost all of us used to playing in the Indian and dreamed that once could be found in the real Indian camp. And there happens to be a unique opportunity, because the village of functioning in the village Borzychy near Wegrow (approx. 70 km from Warsaw). The main part of the exhibition is an encampment of Indians of the Great Plains of North America (Sjuksowie, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Pawnee people, Blackfeet).

Among the Indian tipi tents, which are meticulously crafted objects (costumes, weapons, utensils of daily use), you will also see an Indian kitchen, a cemetery, a sauna, workshop.

Many of the exhibits were gathered previously loaned for temporary exhibitions in such prestigious cultural institutions, such as Independence Museum or the Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw. Most of them are replicas of items used by the Indians of the Great Plains and made of the same material as the original wood, feathers, beads, spikes igłozwierza, skin, hair dyes.

The exhibition in the form of open-air museum in previous years was very popular in cities such as Poznan and saw, and the fall of 2003, Native American village was invited to Biskupin at the IX Archaeological Festival “Indian Summer”. During this prestigious event visited by over 90,000 visitors.

Games and fun in our village are exercises that prepared in ancient times Indian children and young people for adult life. Many times the physical life depended on not only individuals but the whole tribe. In our village every child will have the opportunity to try their hand at a number of unusual Indian competitions.

In Indian culture, there was no written word. There was only verbal. For children very often they were legends. In our village you will hear the beautiful stories to the accompaniment of a true Indian flute.

There are hundreds of Indian dances, with varying degrees of difficulty. Very often, they were all present, reproducing hunting, warfare, reconnaissance, animal life. There were also dances “social”. Some of these dances are still danced in the reserves in the United States. For our guests we have chosen some easier dances, a simpler choreography.

Our educational and entertainment are covered by media patronage portal www.maliturysci.pl.