Getting to the Indian village

Indian Village “Fort Hantajo” is located in the village Borzychy around the Wegrow, on Route 62 relationship Lochow – Siedlce.

Coming from Warsaw, Siedlce and Sokolow Podlaski, you should be directed to the Hungarians, and Węgrowa on Lochow (Route 62). Coming from Węgrowa must pass the villages Ludwinów and Starawieś. After entering the village Borzychy turn right down the street. Willow (approx. 200m from the plate Borzychy). The road is located approx. 20m in front of a grocery store. Detailed information can always be obtained at tel. 502 295 715.

With the Lochow towards Węgrowa must pass Paplin and driving through Borzychy, pass on the right side of the playground (and situated beside him speed camera;), and then on the left side of the grocery store, then take the next road on the left ( approx. 20m behind the shop) at ul. Willow. The village is located approx. 300 m from the main road.