How hike

Imagine yourself surrounded by pine forest clearing, which is hidden in an Indian village. After a while you feel like you’re moved to the real America. You’ll see an extraordinary exhibition of replicas of Indian handicrafts, plumes, Winchester, tomahawks, and more. A look inside the Indian tipi and you will see how little was needed for the happiness of its inhabitants. Then you settle in to our forest where hidden obstacle course. Now imagine that you are wandering Indians with his belongings in search of herds of bison. Start the imagination and see wild river and using a rope Go with it. Walk through the stones in the river, and then: Defeat a moving walkway. When you succeed, you get to the cave bear, but do not be afraid, he went out to hunt, so you can safely go through it. Now the enemies chasing you, so zmylcie their moving slalom. Bravo! Finally escape obstacle course! Now we divide the tribes and we will move to the next challenge: archery and blowpipe, spear throwing, throw on buffalo horns, darts, catch “fish” and racing snakes. When our “hunting” is over, we will go on a hot sausages for weary warriors and warriors. You were brave to the end- For sure! So deserved to paint faces and dance classes. Would you like to keep the memories of this extraordinary place- Nothing easier. You can buy from us handmade bow or spear and go on your own path brave warrior. We hope to have us return. See you later!