Schools and kindergartens that are interested in the culture of the Indians of North America and would like to bring her children, we invite you to educational programs within the State institutions. We offer a program that shows children the culture, art and dances and Indian legend. Each program is tailored to the age of the audience. Our arrival is possible in the months from November to April. In other months, ie. From May to October, we invite you to our fixed the Indian Village “Fort Hantajo” in Borzychach near Wegrow (approx. 70 km from Warsaw, 45 km from Siedlce, 35 km from Wyszk√≥w, 25 km from Sokolow Podlaski)


  • dances of male and female,
  • Interactive talk about the objects used by the Indians (clothes, everyday items, weapons, etc.) with an exhibition,
  • learning to sing,
  • dance depicting tracking buffalo (danced with selected boys)
  • traditional dance of women (danced by the dancer with the girls)
  • intertribal dance (performed as far as space and opportunities for all children).
  • The duration of the program – approx. 45 minutes.

FOR middle and high schools:

  • dances of male and female,
  • talk about former and present life, history, culture, art and music of North American Indians,
  • cultural differences between the Indians of North America and South America,
  • science of modern ballroom dancing “two step”
  • handicraft workshops (performance of small ornaments, which takes young people as a souvenir) *
  • Duration of the program: approx. 45 minutes.

* Handicraft workshops are possible during meetings with one class for 25 people.

Enjoy a fascinating encounter with Indian culture!