Registration for the Indian Village “Fort Hantajo” in Borzychach

Registration for the Indian Village has already begun! If you are looking for a place where fun is combined with education and respect for culture presented – the right place! For 20 years, we study the culture and strive to promote its values –and art. Visitors will learn a lot of exciting games and activities, but learn how to look inside tipi (Indian tent) with equipment, as well as leather dresses trimmed with thousands of glass beads, many types of weapons: from primitive clubs, by Tomahawks, to firearms and more other. Village in this form has been in existence for 17 years. Thanks to our experience and the ingenious to the age of the program, having a good time with us both preschoolers and junior high students. They visit us also curious about the culture of the students and residents of nursing homes. It’s just a place for people interested in the world! Welcome!

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