Indians of North America are interested in more than 20 years. We organize meetings where we try to pass on their knowledge to children and adults. Over the years we dealt with not only acquiring new information, but also learned Indian handicraft techniques that we used in the creation of our exhibitions. Beaded and quill technique (sewing on North American porcupine spikes – American porcupine), dressing of leather fittest, sew costumes and bags with raw leather (rawhide) and leather for chamois leather.

All the exhibits collected by us were made the old techniques used by the Indians. You can see here hundreds of intricately made items: men’s shirts, dresses, moccasins, quivers, shields, bags and instruments as well as weapons and many everyday objects such as spoons with buffalo horns, bone knives, etc.

Our collection has been shown in many places in Poland, including in the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. We invite individuals and institutions to organize a joint exhibition of handicrafts of North American Indians.

We offer:

exhibition of handicrafts American Indians PN tents and teepees,
dance performances in the style of Pow Wow (dances performed today by the Indians)
vocal performances and stories to the accompaniment of an Indian flute love.
talks about culture, art and history of North American Indians.