The beginnings

How it all began …

Anna: Really hard to say when the idea of –“the Indian Village.” In 1997 he stayed for almost three months at the tipi in the new Poznan Zoo. We conducted there summer day camps for children. They stood there 3 tipi. On weekdays, we stayed at home tours that have had the opportunity to learn something about Indian culture and also see some stylized Indian dance (dance Bison, fancy and humorous). Together with the children danced the dance in a circle (round dance). In addition, the children learned about a few games: twirls, running Apache with water in the mouth, wounded deer. They could also listen to a few Indian legends and learn simple songs.

For several years the museum visited various Polish cities. In September 2006, the village moved to the charming village of Borzychy near Wegrow (province. Mazowieckie). In the buffer zone of the National Park Bug, leaning against the wall of the forest, it is a picturesque village, where children learn the culture and can play in the Indian outdoor games. Our program expanded significantly, we have a wide variety of exhibits from the region of the Great Plains and the most wonderful visitors – children whose good humor and openness makes our work gives us a lot of satisfaction. Indian Village operates from early May until the end of the school year in June, then specially for groups colony for the first two weeks vacation, and from mid-September to mid-October. You can see there a collection of Indian crafts, archery, check out the throw spear, and many other disciplines. For school trips is waiting there are also a lot of other attractions, such as face painting, teaching Indian dances, Indian legends and many others. To be convinced of this, please visit the “Indian Village”.

We also organize festivals, where participants can not only see many unusual exhibits and hear interesting stories about the life of Indians, but also check out the many Indian disciplines. Children learn a few interesting games, dances, and they paint the faces. To learn more, please visit the “Events”.