For our clients we have prepared a special offer: organize Indian Festivals, tailored to your needs and requirements. Indian festival is an extremely attractive and original commemorative event. Complement and support each kind of anniversary or company ceremony in the open air, providing entertainment and fun not only for children. . We organize festivals for children, as well as corporate events for adults, a program tailored to the age of the participants.

PROPOSED DESIGN VILLAGE During the festival:

3 tipi (Indian tents from the Great Plains of approx. 4m), including 1 tipi equipped, modeled on the XIX century (Tomahawks, covers for knives, plume, targets, quiver with bow and arrows, clothing for men, women and children typical nineteenth century, the Plains, chairs, bags of raw skin type parfleche, travel bag, baby carrier. Guide tells willing Indian culture, discussing the various exhibits.

The festival program:

Games and fun

archery to shield
Indian fishing (playing mainly for the younger participants, involving the fishing wooden fish)
projections on bison horns
course Apacki (racing with water in the mouth)
racing on the Indian skiing (races between two 3 – personal teams, consisting of on timing of movements)
“kręcioły” (racing after several okręceniu around bars)
shooting from the blower blade (weapons Indian north and South)
racing snakes (game of the fastest winding snakes on a wooden peg)
rattlesnake (game hunting ” snake. “The hunter is blindfolded, rattlesnake escapes and occasionally rattles).

Face painting children.

Show of contemporary Indian dances in the style of pow wow:

Crow Hop (traditional dance male)
Intertribal (social intertribal dance)
Sneak up (dance scouts – male)
traditional dance women

Science Indian social dances

dance in a circle (round dance) – dance intertribal
dancing alligator – iroquoian dance showing how the alligator hunting (Great Lakes region).

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