Prices and program for individual travelers

Indian Village in Borzychach also invite those who wish to come individually, with the family.

In September and October 2017 tour of the village will be possible only after joining the saved group. Before coming to be agreed by telephone appointment. Thank you.

1. Visit the village in the

Admission and guided tour costs 10 zł per adult and 5 – per child.

Family ticket (2 + 2): 25 PLN / family (in the price of admission and tour of the exhibition with a guide)

The package of games: 12 PLN / child

Program visit:

  • exhibition of Indian costumes, weapons and everyday objects,
  • US Army fort gate,
  • Indian tipi,
  • Indian cemetery,
  • horse drag – travois- transfer device belongings by horses,
  • dog drag (as above)
  • wigwam,
  • war lodge (hut war)
  • Indian totems of the north west coast of the USA,
  • bonfire with their own sausage (extra charge 10 PLN / family).

2. block of games:

Cost: – 12 (price includes a package of games and activities).


  • Indian obstacle (at will under the control of their parents)
  • archery,
  • roll bison horns,
  • Indian fishing.
  • Indian souvenir shop,
  • racing snakes,
  • face painting,
  • fireplace with bake bring your own sausages (additional fee of 10 zł / family).
  • Warning! In the village of spaces non-consumption of alcohol. Smoking only in designated areas.